Anhui Province (3) : Lu Cun village

Dear readers,

The third leg of my discovery tour of Anhui province leads me to the pitoresq village of Lu Cun.  It’s much smaller than Xidi, but therefore not less charming.  A small bridge leads to village that lies in a riverbend.  It doesn’t seem to be very crowded and i am told that many visitors skip this village and stick with the 2 famous ones : Xidi and Hongcun.

Altough not so popular with the masses, they are well prepared to receive visitors to their beautiful historic village, as a local girl awaits me to take me around to see the hotspots.

The village is split in 2 by a artificial canal constucted ages ago.  Our path leads us to the left side of the village where my guide introduces me to the local hisory of the village.  Several old houses belonged to wealthy merchants are accessible for visiting.  The detailed woodcarvings are stunning, even though the faces of the delicate figurines were chiseled off during Maoïst times.  Fortunately some panels were hidden and could be preserved.

After a 30 minute tour of the main attractions we stand in one of the small streets where we say goodbye.  The young lady guide assures me that getting back to the starting point is a piece of cake.  Just follow the water.  And she points to a small gutter in the street with clear water running down.  That’s convenient!

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Soon i discover that following the water may be easy for a local, but not for a foreigner like me as the gutter from time to time seemed to dissappear into the ground.  By the time i reached the car again, I had seen every little street of the village.  Some even more than once.  But I didn’t regret any moment spend on this adorable little village, as I am sure the images have demonstrated .

Visiting Lu Cun doesn’t consume much of your traveling time and is definitely worth the visit for those who want to see authenticity in a beatiful setting away from the crowds.  Me, I  am continuing my trip through Anhui province.  It’s nearly lunch time and there is plenty of time for another stop in the village of Chen Kan on my way to my last destination : the famous town of Hongcun.  In my next post !


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