Sichuan Province (2) : Jiuzhaigou

Dear reader,

In this post i would like to continue where we left of last post.  I had just taken my lunch break and continued my journey through the valley of Jiuzhaigou. I had just left an impressive waterfall behind me.

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Further I go, through a gorgeous landscape.  The pathway leads me past more rapids and small waterfalls.  Up to the next attraction of Jiuzhaigou : the fantastic Five-Flower Lake and Peacock river.  Waw…  That’s all I can say…  Can the water get any bluer?  Yes it can.

Under the clear water you can see the fallen dead trees and their branches reaching out like green fingers under the water surface.  I know I am in trouble. It is going to be a near impossible job to select the best pictures later on for my blog…

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I have been walking for miles now, but I don’t feel a bit tired.  On of the 2 major waterfall is up ahead : Pearl Shoal Fall .  I hear a distant thunder as I approach this impressive waterfall.  It is enormous.  And one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  You walk past the edge of the waterfall and take some slippery stairs down.

From there the path leads all along this majestic masterpiece of nature.  I take my time to take pictures.  The sight of the waterfall is overwhelming.   There is a Monkey King entertaining the visitors.  The famous series were shot in this park, among many scenes in other movies like ‘Hero” with Jacky Chan.

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I had seen many pictures of this incredible waterfall and it’s unbelievable that I am standing here.  At the bottom of the falls the water is collected into a wild stream.  I follow it and the path brings me to to central point of the park.  I walk aclittle while further to a small Tibetan village.  Its one of 9 in the park.  Jiuzhaigou means ‘Valley of the 9 villages’.20160814_015253

The village is beautiful and colorful.  I spot a spledidly decorated door and an arrow leading down.  I don’t need any more encouragement and make my way down to find myself in the most fantastic tea house / restaurant.  Tourists didn’t seem to have found this gem. I order a plate of yak meat cold cuts and a spicy glass noodle soup with a cup of sweet local wine…  Aah.. deliciuos…


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